The Burlington Soccer Club Development Program is for boys and girls starting at U8 through to U12 who wish to improve their technical skills, understanding of the game, and physical fitness. Through small sided games in an engaging environment, the Development League helps with improvement. 

Following the Long Term Development Plan (LTPD), participants practice three (3) times per week and play one (1) game. As part of the BSC program, all kids will have one (1) session of Futsal. All coaches are qualified through Ontario Soccer and take part in the BSC Coach Mentoring program. 

For inquiries, please email or call us at 905-333-0777 to speak to our customer service representative.

Burlington Bayhawks Coaches and Contact Information

Age GroupHead CoachAssistant Coach
BU8Declan DaleyRahij Chaudhary, Taylor Gray
BU9Eddy LauretanoRahij Chaudhary
BU10Gora GanguliDanny Burnett
BU11Eddy LauretanoRahij Chaudhary
BU12Rob AngeliniGora Ganguli, Danny Burnett

Age GroupHead CoachAssistant Coach
GU8Ginny CassTaylor Gray
GU9Ginny CassTaylor Gray
GU10Bradley JenkinsAlex Shankland
GU11Jon TownsAlex Shankland
GU12Francesca CardwellGinny Cass, Marie-Pier Schleichkorn

Winter 2020 Development Schedule 

January 6 – April 24

Excludes Feb 17, Mar 16 – Mar 22, Apr 13

Dome 1Dome 2Gym
6pm – 7pmGU8
7pm – 8pmGU9GU10 (AV PS)
8pm – 9pmGU12GU11 (AV PS)
6pm – 7pmBU8
7pm – 8pmGU9, GU10BU9BU10 (AV PS)
8pm – 9pmGU12, GU11BU11BU12 (AV PS)
6pm – 7pmGU8 (St An)
7pm – 8pmGU10BU9, BU10GU9 (St An)
8pm – 9pmGU11BU11, BU12GU12 (St An)
6pm – 7pmBU8 (ALX)
7pm – 8pmBU10BU9 (ALX)
8pm – 9pmBU12BU11 (ALX)
Alexander Public School – 2223 Sutton DrALX
Alton Village Public School – 3290 Steeplechase DrAV PS
St. Anne Elementary School – 4675 Doug Wright DrSt An
Gym Exclusions
Wednesday, January 22nd (St An)
Monday, February 17th (AV PS)
Wednesday, February 26th (St An)
Wednesday, March 4th (St An)
Monday, March 9th (AV PS)
Tuesday, March 10th (AV PS)
Monday, March 16th (AV PS)
Tuesday, March 17th (AV PS)
Wednesday, March 18th (St An)
Thursday, March 19th (ALX)
Monday, April 13th (AV PS)
Wednesday, April 15th (St An)

Summer 2020 Development Schedule 

May 11 – June 26 & July 6 – August 27