New for 2023/24, the BSC in School Program means we bring the soccer to you. With our soccer acumen, qualified and licensed coaches and resources, we deliver soccer at your school, utilizing your facilities. Whether it be working with your phys-ed classes to deliver a soccer specific program for a few hours or a full day, or working with your school soccer teams. We are happy to work with you and your school to identify a date, time, and number of students for the program. 

Goals of the Program

The goals of the BSC in School Program are:

  • Provide greater access to sport and assist in removing barriers to entry
  • Create deeper community ties and connection
  • Leverage the incredible power that is team sport and its ability to foster and improve soft skills in children and youth
  • Develop a full-circle model and opportunity for members in the game

Why is the Program Important

The BSC in School Program provides children a four-corner approach to holistic human development, all in conjunction with their school day. Further to this, Canadian children recently scored a D+ on their overall physical activity levels.

  • Only 9% of children reach their activity goals as outlined by WHO and the Canadian Government 
  • Children and youth spend 8.6 hours per day in a sedentary state

In addition to helping children be active through our BSC in School Program, we assist children in the development of soft-skills through team sport.

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Resilience
  • Teamwork

All are shown to be developed through team sport participation in children and youth.

What Does the BSC in School Program Involve

The day in your school involves our qualified and certified coaches developing a session plan based on the ages of the children and the number of children in the class/group. In order to facilitate the session, we ask that there is a minimum of 20 kids. Once the session plan is completed, the fun begins. 

  • Warm-up portion centered around the importance of physical literacy and the session being conducted
  • Fun games and activities are organized and delivered to get them active, introduce them to basic soccer skills and help reinforce the theme of the session, all through a collaborative, team-environment

After the session, we leave the session plan with the teacher and school so they are able to deliver this in the future to other student groups. 

What Schools have you Worked with and How do we Book for our School

The implementation of this program began in 2023, and since inception we have expanded to include quite a few City of Burlington schools:

  • Central PS (all three schools)
  • John William Boich PS
  • Sacred Heart of Jesus CES
  • Tecumseh PS

Interested in joining in on the fun? Contact our Manager, Grassroots, Jamie Shannon.


“The Students and Staff felt that Burlington Soccer Club did an excellent job and that they had a great time…we appreciate your expertise at our school. We would love to have BSC back next year.” – John William Boich PS

“The two soccer sessions were amazing!  The kids were sweaty and super excited about the experience.  Your team of coaches were fantastic with the kids.  We will definitely look to do this again in the future!” – Central PS

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