The Burlington Soccer Club was first established as the Burlington Police Minor Soccer in 1962. With Four (4) teams that represented less than 100 players, the Club started their first league in the summer of 1963. Games were all played locally at Central Park. As of 1975, The Club took on the name of the Burlington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) and became incorporated soon after in 1979, claiming its first Ontario Cup!


With the Club growing and progressing, it was time for the BYSC to move into their first office space in 1987. This feat that had a lot to do with Don Lomas who was responsible for the move. Lomas was later president from 1995 to 1999. With the new office, the Club began hiring staff with the first Technical Director being Frank Dunleavy. The Club also formed a board of directors during this time.

Continuing to grow through the later part of the Eighties and into the Nineties, membership grew to approximately 5,000 players. This continued growth encouraged the move into a new office space in 2001 when the BYSC opened its first indoor facility (Dome) at Sherwood Forest Park. The Club moved again with further growth in 2006. Soon after opening its second and third domes in 2009 and 2014 respectively. The BYSC moved offices again to its current location in 2016 to increase organizational capacity and to accommodate a growing staff.

The BYSC has become one of the most recognized and successful soccer clubs in North America winning multiple National Championships, 40 Ontario Cups, and numerous Indoor Ontario Cups. The Club has produced a number of National team players and has also sent over 150 players to University on soccer scholarships.


As part of the Strategic Plan for 2017-2021, the BYSC expanded to create lifelong opportunities for players. This began with the launch of Lil Burli for toddlers and by adding Embracing Ability for players with and/or without intellectual and/or physical disabilities. The Club then added its first Adult program for the summer Outdoor season of 2017. With the Adult League seeing great success, BYSC added a full recreational Adult Indoor League in the Fall and Winter of 2017/2018 with multiple divisions.

The rapid growth of the BYSC Adult Indoor/Outdoor Leagues led up to a large decision in 2019 when BYSC reached an agreement with the Burlington Soccer League (BSL) and took over all BSL operations. As a result of the combined operations and the rapid growth of the BYSC Adult programs, the Club began a re-branding initiative in 2018. As a Club offering “Soccer for Life” to players of all ages, the Burlington Youth Soccer Club re-branded to its current name of the Burlington Soccer Club (BSC). The BSC continues to grow and evolve to bring the best soccer programs to the City of Burlington. The Club provides numerous indoor and outdoor soccer activities including recreational and competitive programs, camps, coach and referee training, specialized training and more.