Annual General Meeting (AGM) Information

The Burlington Youth Soccer Club (BYSC) Annual General Meeting (AGM) is held every year and serves as the primary mechanism of governance for the members of the Club. Information regarding the upcoming AGM can be found here.

AGM 2019 Notice to Membership

Date:January 14, 2020
Location:BSC OfficeMap
Nomination Deadline:December 14, 2019Nomination Form
Proposed Amendment Deadline:December 14, 2019Proposed Amendment Form
Proxy Vote Deadline:January 12, 2020Proxy Vote Form

2019 Audited Financial Statements are available for review for Members by appointment only. Please email our Financial Controller to book and appointment prior to the AGM. Contact Naz at

All BYSC Members are encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting. The Agenda and relevant meeting materials shall be made available by December 15th, 2019.

Per Article II – Membership of the BYSC By-laws, Membership is defined as:

Active Volunteer Member: An individual, eighteen years of age or older, who has agreed to abide by the Corporation’s By-laws, policies, procedures, rules and regulations and who is registered, elected or appointed within the Corporation as a volunteer in any of the following positions: 

I. Representative Team Coach, Assistant Coach, Manager, or Assistant Manager

II. House League Team Coach or Assistant Coach

III. House League Convenor

IV. Committee Members appointed by the Board of Directors 

V. Honorary Life Appointment (Any individual approved by Special Resolution of the Board who has contributed greatly to the development or promotion of the Corporation)

VI. Director

*Disclaimer – If you have earned more than $500, you are not eligible to vote

Active Membership information including admission, Member in Good Standing and exclusions are outlined in Article II – Membership of the BYSC By-laws.

Nominations for the Board

Elections will be held for four (4) Director-at-Large positions on the Board of Directors. Individuals seeking a nomination to the Board of Directors must complete and submit the BYSC Director Nomination Form to the attention of the Governance Committee Chair ( by email or delivery to the BSC office by December 14, 2019.

Per Article IV (4.2) Composition – At least one (1) Director, elected or appointed, will have expertise in Canadian finance. Such expertise in finance will be defined as holding an active and valid accreditation with a recognized Canadian finance professional governing body.

Please indicate on the nomination form if you wish to be considered for this position and your accreditation.  Should more than one nomination be received for this position, an election for that position will be held in advance of the election for Directors-at-Large.

Per Article IV (4.5) Nomination – Any nomination of an individual for election as a Director will:

a) Include the written consent of the nominee by signed or electronic signature; and

b) Be submitted using forms specified by the Corporation to the Registered Office of the Corporation thirty (30) days prior to the Annual Meeting. This timeline may be extended by Ordinary Resolution of the Board.

Amendments to the by-laws

Members may propose an amendment(s) to the By-Laws of the BYSC for consideration by Membership using the Proposed Amendment Form. Per Article IX – Notice, in the By-Laws, completed forms must be submitted to the Executive Director by December 14, 2019.

Proposed Amendments to the by-laws:

  1. Amending section 4.2 of the by-laws to add on to paragraph: “Composition – The Nominations Committee shall conduct a search of qualified individuals and strive to ensure a composition of Directors that reflects diversity of gender, ethnicity, visible minorities and age.
  2. Amending section 6.2 of the by-laws to read “Standing Committees – The Board will have the following standing committees: Removing the Technical Committee and adding in Nominations Committee.

a) Finance and Audit Committee

b) Governance Committee

c) Human Resources Management (HRM) Committee

d) Nominations Committee

  1. Amending section 6.3 of the by-laws to read “Standing Committee Chairs – As required, the Board will appoint Chairs, excluding the chair of the Finance and Audit Committee who is the Director with expertise in Canadian finance, of the standing committees to serve terms of up to three (3) years. The Standing Committees will have the following roles:

a) The Finance and Audit Committee, chaired by the Director with expertise in Canadian finance, will be responsible for the financial oversight of the Corporation, including: audit management, financial reporting to membership & oversight, short-term budget oversight, long-term financial planning, and financial risk managemen

b) The Governance Committee will be responsible for by-laws, policy and rules and regulations oversight, including: Constitution & bylaw review, annual general meeting management, board nominations, board governance education and development, and policy oversight and managemen

c) The HRM Committee shall be responsible for the human resources (HR) oversight of the Corporation, including: HR Budget oversight, Management succession planning oversight, Senior Staff recruitment, and HR Policy approval and oversight.

d) The Nominations Committee shall be responsible for recruitment and review of Board of Director applications. The search for qualified individuals will aim to reflect diversity.

Proxy Voting

Members may vote by proxy by completing the Proxy Voting Form and returning to the BYSC office to the attention of the Executive Director by January 12, 2020. Please see Article III, section 3.16 for rules on Proxy voting.

Board of Directors:

The Burlington Soccer Club Board of Directors is a governance board, dealing with issues of strategy, Club policy and risk management. Any issues concerning Club operations and programs should be directed to the Staff Directory list.

PresidentWayne Maddever
SecretaryWilli Schleichkorn
Governance Chair Lucia D’Amore
Finance ChairJerry Fahrer
HRM ChairDavid Ryan
Director at LargeAlex Brooks-Joiner
Director at LargeAndy Szilagyi
Director at LargeChris Clark
Director at LargeDavid Redmayne
Director at LargeHenry Hobbs
Director at LargeKrista O’Gorman
Director at LargeSean Jackson