Bayhawks Announce League1 Reserve Teams

The Burlington Soccer Club is excited to announce the new Bayhawks League1 Reserve teams for girls and boys U17-U21 (2005-2002). Being the next step in the Ontario Player Pathway, this is a great high performance option following OPDL.

League1 Reserve serves as a stepping stone between the high-performance youth level and elite amateur and professional levels of the game. In 2021 we will have one female team and one male team.

The new Bayhawks League1 teams will be entered as a guest for the 2020/2021 season and with some success, BSC can apply to have a League1 License. League1 Reserve have invited BSC to play this season as we are an OPDL club in good standing.

This announcement comes with very little notice prior to tryouts beginning this week but we hope to have a great turnout, which includes both new and returning Bayhawks players. Further trials may be added at a later date.

Team Tryout Dates (Time) Location
Boys League1 Reserve Team Sept 29, Oct 1, Oct 7 (7:30-9pm) City View Park F1
Girls League1 Reserve Team Sept 29, Oct 1, Oct 6 (7:30-9pm) City View Park F2

For more information, please email Steven McDougall


and/or visit the OPDL webpage below.